Art History & Appreciation

Clarke Art provides an engaging programme of Art History & Appreciation lectures and visual presentations based on the leaving cert curriculum. Lectures take place in Clarke Art on Mondays from 7:30pm-8:30pm in two 15-class terms.

Term 1 starts on September 3rd 2018 and finishes on December 17th. Term 2 commences on January 7th 2019 and finishes on May 20th. One or both terms can be booked by contacting Angela on 087 26381896 or by email @

The fee is €150 for each 15-class term.

Term 1 (Sept-Dec) – Contents

Early Irish Art

  1. The Stone Age
  2. The Bronze Age
  3. The Iron Age
  4. Christianity in Ireland
  5. Christianity Metalwork
  6. Illuminated Manuscripts
  7. The High Cross

Art & Design Appreciation

  1. Gallery/Museum visit question
  2. Descriptions of artworks
  3. Descriptions of films
  4. Descriptions of architecture
  5. Descriptions of sculpture
  6. Descriptions of product design
  7. Descriptions of graphic design
  8. Descriptions of interior design

Term 2 (Jan-May) – Contents

European Art

  1. Trecento Architecture & Painting
  2. Quattrocento Architecture & Painting
  3. Quattrocento Relief Carving & Sculpture
  4. The High Rennaissance
  5. The Rennaissance in Venice
  6. The Northern Rennaissance
  7. Mannerism, Baroque and Rococco
  8. Neo-Classical Painting
  9. Romanticism
  10. Realism
  11. Academic Art and the Salons
  12. Modernism
  13. Impressionism
  14. Expressionism
  15. Cubism
  16. Abstract Art
  17. Surrealism
  18. The Dada Movement
  19. Pop Art
You can secure a place on the course now with a payment by clicking one of the links below.

Art History Term 1

Art History Class – Term 1. September 3rd-December 17th 2018. Payment for 15 x 1 hour classes. Please include the name of the student with your booking.


Art History Term 2

Art History Class – Term 2. January 7th-May 20th 2019. Payment for 15 x 1 hour classes. Please include the name of the student with your booking.


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