Inclusivity through exclusivity – Special Educational needs scheme

As part of my Masters in Art & Design Education, I spent a very enjoyable and rewarding two week block, teaching in the Holy family School for the Deaf. I led a team of 2nd year Education degree students under my mentorship and working alongside our host teacher.

The aim of the scheme was to collaborate in the design and creation of imaginative string puppets based on a mythological creatures through the exploration of observational drawing, 3D construction and the art elements; line, shape, form, colour, texture and the Principles of design; pattern, balance and movement. In the process, composing a simple storyline and background theatre set for a group performance.

This scheme was featured in an article published on ScienceDirect entitled
Inclusivity through exclusivity: An evaluation of the provision of a special education needs (SEN) placement within second level art & design teacher education in the Republic of Ireland
byย Dr. Mary Isobelle Mullaney, Ph.D., M.St., PGDip. (Ed. Mg), PGDip. (Ed. St.), B.Ed.

To read the full article, please click on the PDF link below.


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